Repairs and Robberies

It’s a long holiday weekend in Mexico. Yesterday was May 1st which is an official holiday, and today is a ‘bridge’ day for many Mexicans. When a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday a lot of companies also give them the Monday or Friday off too. Some people might be very lucky and get a really long weekend. Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo, which is an unofficial holiday. Some get it, some don’t. Of my students, only the ones at Lilly get it off. Me? Just yesterday I’m afraid, although I had a couple of cancellations today.

Still, I had to go to Cautro Caminos this morning, a week after I got robbed. The dude wasn’t there today! Must still be busy spending the cash he got from my iPod. Or with any luck he overdosed on the profits! It turns out there has really been a crime spree in the area. Our garage gate got damaged by some idiot last Sunday, and we went to see a guy to get it fixed. Turns out he got robbed recently. And then Paola got chatting to a guy who parks his car next to ours. He got robbed by a pistol wielding scumbag in the parking lot the other day. Just to tax my finances further, the repairs to our garage door are going to cost 400 pesos.



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