Day of Horror

We took the usually Sunday stroll in the city today with Paola’s family. Not much to say about it really, except that I have discovered just how nasty the conquistaors were. We went to the Museum of Torture, which is just opposite the National Art Museum and just a block or two from Bellas Artes. I’ve wandered past it so many times, but until today had never been able to convince Paola to go in.

It’s just a largish display of instruments of torture, execution and other implements of pain and humiliation. Along with graphic descriptions of what each contraption can do. I didn’t know that Spain continued garotting people until 1975 when Franco, finally, died. I did know though, that France were still guillotining people up to the late 1970’s. Shocking. Really. Actually perhaps the most shocking thing was the fact that the museum had all these descriptions and stories in English as well as Spanish. That’s pretty rare. Even rarer…the English used was pretty good. When you do find something written in English, it usually looks like it was put through BabelFish or some other online translator.


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