Flori – Turtle No. 8

I posted a while back that we had taken in another poor little turtle who had not been very well looked after by her last owner. Her shell was as soft as a sponge, and you could see her leg bones through her very thin skin. Umm…scales. Whatever. Well I gave her a few weeks of tlc which involved lots of warm swimming water, tuna, ham, calcium chunks, anti biotics and a bowl next to my bed….just in case! Of what, I do not know.

This is a good news story though. Her shell has hardened nicely, she has turned into quite possibly the greediest turtle we’ve ever had, and she even enjoys being picked up. She’s now living full time in the smaller of our two pools with Angel and Mr Patel. Both of whom are a pair of cowards who swim for cover the moment anyone appears. Flori puts them both to shame. Especially at feeding time. If they don’t move quickly she eats their big tortugettas too.



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