Pimp My Flickr

I started blogging about 2 and a half years ago now. Before that I used to design, maintain and update my own websites which was far too much hard work! Unnecessary hard work. I did look at Blogger at the time as a candidate for my blogging platform, but, well…it wasn’t too good. So I chose My Opera, which had blogging, community and photo hosting all in the one place. Which was cool. But Blogger has come along way since then, and I now use Flickr for my photos.

So about six months ago I started this Blogger blog (yes it is Blogger – I just removed the Nav Bar) and ran it as a duplicate to my My Opera blog. Using Windows Live Writer I posted identical content to both. Just to see how my Blogger experience would progress, without over committing myself! I tried the free version of WordPress too, but I just wasn’t that impressed.

And I have to say I really like Blogger, and have gone off My Opera a bit. So I am now in the process of manually transferring all my photos to Flickr and all my old posts to here. It will take some time! But it’s worth it. I just don’t like the idea of starting a new and abandoning all those years of posting.

I have to say I am quite enjoying doing the photos though. I’m going through the 100 and something albums I have on My Opera, getting rid of the really cruddy ones and spending time ‘fixing’ the ones I am keeping in Photoshop, uploading them to Flickr as I go. It’s a real trip down memory lane.

So really this post is just to pimp my Flickr account! There will be plenty of uploads over the coming weeks – maybe months! Old and new.


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