China Turtles

Whilst going to get my passport yesterday, me and Paola found a little shop that is well worth looking at if ever you pass this way and having a liking for weird ornaments. Especially animal ornaments. It’s based in the Sheraton Hotel on Reforma. It has some of the most fantastic art and china pieces. All very colourful and shiny and loud which is just how I like these sorts of things!

And they had the biggest ornamental turtle I have ever seen. The price? I got the distinct feeling that if you asked the price of something (and you would have to because there are no labels!) they’d call security to get the impoverished riff raff out of the store! Actually, the lady was very friendly, and even let me take a photo of the turtle which I suspect, from the frowning, huffing and puffing before she said yes, is not normally allowed! But if my analogy leads you to believe the prices are extremely high, you’d probably be right!



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