Water, water everywhere…

It’s rainy season, which has started a little early this year. Most afternoons there are torrential downpours, filling gutters and spilling into the streets. Funnily enough, during the rainy season, for some weird reason, there are water shortages. The water just gets cut off. No warning, no explanation. Sometimes for a couple of hours, sometimes for most of the day.

But a couple of weeks ago something unusual happened. We got a letter advising us, in advance, that for two weeks the water would be turned off from 2pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Advance warning! Miracles do happen! But what is the point in going to the trouble of printing and delivering all those letters if there is no intention of sticking to it?

It’s a month later and the water is still going off everyday. It’s never gone off at 2pm and come back at 6pm, but instead at completely random and unpredicatble hours. On Mothers Day it went off at 10am and didn’t come back till night time. On all days to do it! On May the 1st, another public holiday it went off all day as well. On both occasions it just ruined everyone’s day.

And today it went off at about 10pm. It came back at about 4pm. For all of 10 minutes. Then again at 5pm. For about 5 minutes. Then at 7.30pm. For about 2 minutes. The worst thing is that at 4pm when the agua came back online, I went out to clean the turtles. I put them in their bowls, emptied their pools and got covered in a nasty brown turtle poo water. Then the water went off. It’s now 9pm and the water is still off, the turtles are still in little bowls with an inch of water and I’m getting increasingly pissed off with Mexico City’s absolutely ridiculous water supply service!


Florasita is strong and healthy now. And learning to walk on two legs. Or escape. One or the other.


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