Yes, really. Madonna lives in my ‘hood. Okay, this Madonna is a shaggy old beast, more closely resembling a bear than the dog she actually is. She’s a street dog who has spent most of her long life in and around the residents car lot behind the church. And more often than not she is to be found taking it easy outside the famous Burger Grill.

We had three dogs living here until recently. Madonna and her long time companion Lobo along with a young black female doggy called Hobi, Chacha, Sasha or Negra. Take your pick. All the locals love these dogs, making sure they get their shots and a few tacos each day. Sadly Lobo died of old age a few months ago, and I suspect Madonna won’t be long in joining him. Although she has been on her ‘last legs’ since I arrived here three years ago. Hobi is still about, but she’s been adopted and has a house now!



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