Vik Muniz

I’m not really a massive art fan, unless it’s particularly clever or unique or otherwise interesting. Normally I’m much more interested in the buildings they are being displayed in. But I have found an artist that is worth checking out – Vik Muniz. There is an exhibition of his work currently on at the San Ildefonso, some of which is genuinely cool. Mona Lisa’s made out of strawberry jam, Jackie Kennedy in ketchup and many others made out of things like plastic toys, bottle tops and caviar.


The San Ildefonso is always worth a visit. It is one of the finest examples of Spanish colonial architecture that you can properly explore inside and out in the whole city. I even managed to get away paying a reduced admission price today too. Teachers with ID from their school get in at half rate. I don’t have such an ID because I work ‘independiente’, but I do have an FM3 work visa which shows I am a teacher. It was worth a try, and it worked!


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