Blogging Flickring….

…and generally killing time. Yes, a whole week on my computer, playing around. This week has been relatively productive though. I am gradually importing all my posts from my old blogging platform over at Opera. One by one. Manually – yes it is a laborious process. I’ve only a years worth of posts to go out of two and a half years of posting. I’ve also been transferring all my photos from my Photo Albums there to my Flickr account. Also a long and laborious process, but it has been a walk down memory lane. Why would I do all this? I just much prefer the Blogger platform, not least because I can run Javascript widgets and apps on it. I blogged a while back about Disqus, but I’ve also added Ligit, a search widget, to my blog. Very cool it is too.

Flickr of course, kicks ass. I have a Zooomr account too which I (sometimes) use to ‘showcase’ the very best of my my photos, but it’s just not quite up to Flickr’s standards. Not least because of Firefox extensions and other apps you can get for it. Have you tried PicLens? Actually that works on any set of images, but still. It’s by far the best way to view photos on the web. There’s also Tag Galaxy which I recommend giving a go. It’s a thesis project by a German student or something like that. Fascinating stuff though. And last but not least, I’m trying to get into FriendFeed. It’s a social network aggregator which brings all your accounts into one place, so you can view friends activities – blog posts, Disqus comments, Flickr and Zooomr photos and loads more. It’s very effective with Flickr. Problem is you have to convince people you know to sign up for it, or there won’t be much to look at! You can see my profile here and add me if you wish!


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