Happy Turtle Story!

Most species of turtles are endangered, but none (that I know of) are more so than the Yangtze turtle, a soft shelled turt. Until recently only three were known to be left alive, all of them in captivity. And all of them were male, which didn’t bode well for their continued existence.


Fortunately, another one turned up in a zoo elsewhere, where it had lived, unidentified, for 50 long years. As luck would have it, the turtle was female, and although she’s 80 years old, she’s still fertile. So she was rushed off to meet one of the boys, himself a none too sprightly 100 years old, and has been mating furiously (or as furiously as turtles do) with him ever since.

Which brings me on to my next point. Turtle Season is here! Ok, I made that up, there is no such thing except here on my blog. But still. The Great Turtle Race begins soon…more on that in a few days. Then in a couple of months I guess I will host my annual Turtle Derby to see if bob can hold on to his crown. And in October I will be climbing Iztaccihuatl to raise a bit of money for a turtle charity. I’m sure I can beat the $150 I raised last year!


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