Mana….from Heaven?

Mexicans are crazy about their music to the point that it’s hard to find any peace, anywhere, at any time in this city! Mariachis can sometimes be heard in the neighbourhood at odd times of the night serenading a lucky lady. And as I’ve posted before, British music is big here. Really big. Depeche Mode’s biggest fan club is Mexican, and one of the best Beatles tribute bands is from Mexico. I saw them a couple of years ago and can testify they are shockingly good!

But they have their own pop music too, and some of it is really pretty good. Luis Miguel is huge, although I can’t quite get into him I’m afraid. But there are some songs that will stick in my head when one day I leave Mexico. Molotov for one. Frijolero will always remind me of my first trip to Mexico in 2003, while their cover of Da Da Da will bring back (sad!) memories of the 2006 World Cup. Juanes song, La Camisa Negra was playing a lot when I did a big circular tour of the southern part of the country in 2006. You can look them all up on YouTube if you want – they are there.

But at the moment it’s Mana who seem to have the airwaves to themselves, and I have got it stuck in my head now. It’s a shame that the music scene in Britain is so stuck on English language songs. And on the rare occasion when a foreign song does become a hit it’s something stoopid like Joe Le Taxi. They rarely make any sense anyway. More often that not, when a student asks what the lyrics of a British song mean, the answer is “he or she takes a lot of drugs”. I’m sure the song I’ve embedded would be a huge hit in the UK if only it was in English…


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