A Walk On A Wednesday

I had a pretty adventurous day on Wednesday this week. Set off at 5.30am to my job in Cuatro Caminos at 7am. Then a couple of hours later I went to get things done in the city! First stop, the Zocalo, to sell a whole load of my used books to try and fund some new reading material. I’d been promised the owner would be there, but he wasn’t. Come back at 1pm they said.

So off I went to my next destination, the British Embassy, near the angel of Independence. A hell of a walk, even more so because I had two heavy bags full of books. Now normally the term ‘efficient bureaucracy’ is something of an oxymoron, but lo and behold – my new passport was there ready for me! With the microchip in it…what info does that contain exactly?

Then back to the bookshop, for 1pm. To be told he wasn’t coming in today. That’s the last they’ll even see of me, which is unfortunate for them really – I not only had some very sellable books for them, but usually buy quite a few too. Shitty customer service = no customer. I did get a few photos on my walk though, including this one of a bizarre new statue type thing that has appeared outside Bellas Artes…


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