Fujifil s100fs

Only 6 weeks to go before I fly off to the US and replenish my wardrobe with clothes and shoes that aren’t made for 6 foot plus Europeans and not 5 foot tall Mexicans, a new laptop, a Zune and a new camera. Oh yeah, I’m getting married too, but….back to the important stuff – shopping!

I’ve been in a real quandary about what my next camera should be. I take a lot of photos, so it’s an investment that I need to make wisely. Yes, I’d like a DSLR, but if I got one then it really wouldn’t be an entry level camera. Too limited. And the mid range ones are a little out of my price range, especially when you consider that the standard kit lenses aren’t up to much so there would be considerable extra expense buying some decent glass. And I’m not going to be able to afford that for a long time.

So I had settled on the idea of buying a Panasonic TZ5. Pocketable, huge zoom in a compact form, good price, good image quality. But I’ve found a new photographic beast and I want it! I had previously ruled out a ‘Bridge’ camera, because, well….if you’re going to get something that size, you might as well get a DSLR instead.

But the Fujifilm s100fs seems to be the perfect compromise, if ever a compromise can be perfect. It has a much larger sensor than most compacts, so noise isn’t an issue. It has a wide angle lens than has a huge 14x zoom (28mm-400mm 35mm equiv) and the lens is a real quality piece of glass. It has every manual feature you’d expect to find on a mid range DSLR that is often missing from the entry level models. And although it isn’t cheap at $700 it is, just about, affordable. Oh yes, it shall be mine! I hope…


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