Three Years of Centavos

Everyday I come home from work, or wherever I’ve been, and empty my pockets onto my desk. Phone, fags, keys and all the loose change I’ve accumulated. Well, that goes into a white plastic tupperware tub. And eventually the bottom of it becomes full of virtually useless 10 and 20 centavo coins. Which I then eventually transfer into a Miller Beer money tin that I picked up in Milwaukee, quite often along with a handful of 50 centavo coins too. And that tin is now, finally, full. There’s no fortune in there, but it must be a reasonable amount. At a guess between 50 and 100 pesos.

And I got thinking the other day about the ‘You know you’ve been in Mexico too long…’ post I mentioned. One of the things that happens quite quickly when you live in Mexico City, is that you get totally used to the seeing desperately poor people on every corner begging for enough money to buy a cheap taco. You start stepping over their none too clean bodies without even blinking. It becomes normal, and ignorable. In fact I tend to be more generous to the street dogs. Although it has to be said, they are happier, more friendly and don’t try to pull a guilt trip on you.

So seeing as I can’t be bothered to count out all those hundreds of centavos, I’ll give the tin to someone who can make better use of it. Such as, survive for another day. There are quite a few homeless people I pass missing limbs or who are otherwise unpleasantly disfigured and less likely to go and spend the money on drugs! One of them shall soon have a pleasant surprise….there’s a big plate of Tacos de Alambre and a beer in my tin, at least.


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