An Old Blind Man

I finally found a worthy candidate for my tin of centavos. Which also had a few English pennies and a couple of US coins in it. And which I also transferred to a plastic bag to make it easier to spend them!

I gave the bag of coins to the chap in the photo below, who has been sitting on the stairs at Metro Taxquena for as long as I can remember. So about 3 years then. Did I make his day? Actually he looked very confused and more than a little nonplussed. I’m not sure he could even really tell what I had given him. There’s probably only about 30 or 40 pesos there, but that’s more than enough for a couple of decent meals from a taco stall. And a coke too.

I did ask him if I could take his photo, but I suspect he is deaf as well as blind, so I just had to assume he said yes. It would have been nice to have known his name. And I’m sure he has a story to tell. But I’ll never know it, and so I’m afraid I can’t tell you anymore about him. I make up names for some of the people I know, whose real names I don’t know. This guy is Splinter. He does look a little like the the character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So there is my good deed for the year done. I can go back to being mean, stingy Gary tomorrow, stepping over the near dead, homeless bodies without giving them a second thought. It’s sad, but it’s true. If I gave a couple of pesos to them all, I’d be like one of those change machines at a fairground on a busy evening. But I will keep putting my centavos in the tin, and it will fill up again eventually.


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