Crazy Mexico

Next Tuesday all my classes in one company have been cancelled. Because they will all be fired on Monday. They have Tuesday at home, then they all get re-employed on Wednesday. Crazy? this is Mexico. They are all on temporary contracts, and by law they must be given permanent positions once their temp contracts have been renewed three times. I guess they aren’t really being fired, they are simply not having their contracts renewed.

This wouldn’t surprise me really, but for the fact it is a giant US company that has a presence in virtually every country on the planet. We are talking one of the biggest of the biggest, and I can’t help but feel that so deliberately flouting the spirit of the law, even if they are keeping within the letter of it, is just not on!

Also strange this week was the chap lying dead in the road outside my house. He looked pretty dead anyway – the medical looking type chaps around him didn’t seem to be doing much. Another corpse to add to the lengthy list I’ve strolled past. I must have seen ten times more dead bodies in three years in Mexico that in my previous 32 years.


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