Every Sunday the police swoop on a huge number of roads in Mexico City, almost at random it sometimes seems, and close them off. Which is a good thing! Because then all the cyclists of the city have a route to ride down for a few hours, free of the danger of being run over by the mad motorists that inhabit this city. And yesterday was the 1st anniversary of the Cicloton, so I was expecting an especially good route – they change it every week.

The first sign that things might not be as I wanted them was when coming out of the Zocalo metro station to find the square jam packed with protesters complaining about the threat of the privatisation of Pemex, the national oil company. Having fought my way through them and to Alameda park I finally found and joined the cycle route. Which went through the most decrepit and non descript streets of the city, side by side with the traffic. Boo!!!

I had been hoping to get some photos, but the only two I bothered to take were of my bike below, and a sign advertising the Cicloton Anniversary. Oh well, I’ll go again in a couple of weeks and hope for better luck!


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