The Mystery of Customer Service

About 8 months ago I opened a bank account in Mexico, with Scotiabank. I chose them because their website had an excellent English language version, as opposed to the others who had….well, they call it English, but I couldn’t swear to it that I understood much of it!

Anyway, I really need a credit card too. Not really because I want to borrow any money – I don’t. But over the last 7 months on other blogs I have, I’ve been doing paid blogging. And very profitable it has been too. I’ve raked in over $7,000, most of which is sitting in a PayPal account.

And to get it from my PayPal account into my Scotiabank account I need a credit card. At the moment I can only withdraw $500 a month until I register a credit card. Damn them!

But that’s ok. Because I meet all the criteria to get a credit card. So I applied at Scotiabank. About 2 months ago now. And in that time, I’ve had to visit them about four times and phone them about 20 times to find out what is going on. Of course when I phone they are always busy, or not there – even though when I visit they are always sat scratching their arses! Do they ever return my calls? Well, they did on one occasion. To tell me they’d phone back in a little while. Which they didn’t….

It’s driving me round the bend! Now I also have an application in for a card with HSBC because I’ve pretty much given up on Scotia ever discovering the magical secret behind ‘Customer Service’. And failing that I’ll apply for a Tarjeta de Garantizado at Bancomer, which should be easier to come by.


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