Mexico City Tram

If you’ve ever been through the Zocalo Metro station in Mexico City, you probably noticed a couple of huge glass (or plastic, I’m not sure which!) cases with miniture mock ups of how the city used to be. One showing the ancient Aztec city, and another showing a much older, but post colonial Mexico City. If you looked really carefully, you might even have noticed that the latter had a tram system in it. But they were gotten rid of a long, long time ago.

But they are coming back! Trams seem to be the fashionable thing for a modern city to have these days, with networks springing up around the world. And Mexico City, it seems, will not be left behind! In the Zocalo at the moment is a demo tram carriage which you can walk around and get onto. It’s rather a swish little carriage I have to say. It even has a bike rack. Which puzzles me. The new tram service is scheduled to run between the Zocalo and Buenavista….hardly the sort of distance that would kill a cyclist.

But anyway, I like public transport as a general rule. Cheap, easy and you can watch stuff on an MP4 player instead of worrying about what the idiot in front of you is about to do. If they end up building a decent sized network, maybe I can do a new version of my World Record!


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