Bloggers Help Required!

Last year I did a sponsored…Metrothon? Dunno what you’d call it really! Although now I think of it, that would have been a shorter and better name than the Mexican Metro Marathon. But anyway, I managed to raise a few dollars for Wildcoast, a charity based in the US who strive to protect the Pacific coasts and the creatures that call it home. Naturally, they help sea turtles, hence my interest!

This year, sometime during October, I am going to have a crack at climbing Iztaccihuatl and try and raise a bit more money for them. But instead of asking for donations or trying to get sponsorship I’m going to raise the cash in a slightly different way. And this is where you bloggers can help! And it’s so, so easy.

All I need is for as many bloggers as possible to link to my (fairly sparse!) Climbing Iztaccihuatl site within a post, and perhaps even add it to a blog roll. The more links I can get, the better. How will this help me raise money?! Very simply – these links will help raise my ranking by the big search engines, and then I will be able to do some posts that are paid for by companies. If you think I’m being a bit cryptic, there is a good reason for that! You can always send me a message (not a comment) and I can give you all the details.

So exactly how to help? It’s really easy, and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. If that! The longest part was probably reading this post! Just write a post of any length at all. 10 words, 10 sentences  – up to you. Maybe you could encourage your readers to link to me on their blog too! And just include the link….I’ve made it extra easy by posting the code below that can be simply copied and pasted. Your two minutes could be the difference between me raising $10 or $100, so it is worthwhile.

What’s in it for you? Let me know you’ve posted, and I’ll put you on my Blog List! And credit you on Climbing Ixta! You’re already on my Blog List? Then we’re already friends, and who wouldn’t help a friend out?! Especially for a good cause! Thanks!


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