Chapultepec Zoo

I saw Paola off at the airport yesterday morning – she’s off the Milwaukee two weeks before I go to have some time with her mum. And I set off to check out Chapultepec Zoo, which she has never been too keen on visiting. To be honest I love animals, but am really not that fond of zoos. Chapultepec is a fabulous gree oasis in Mexico City with parks, castles, museums, lakes and of course the zoo. The zoo itself was totally renovated in the 90’s and it is laid out nicely, and makes for a good walk. But like most zoos, the amount of space the animals are given to live in is just too small. It’s really quite sad. I knew it would be, but still I went. To see for myself.

The shame is that the zoo could be a fabulous place if they simply tried to specialise a little instead of fit the whole of Africa in there. It’s no place for elephants, giraffes, hippos, bears and all the rest. If they choose to be a world leader in primates, for example, then they could have some huge enclosures for a smaller selection of species. Kids would still be entertained, they’d have room for a museum and they could play a much more active role in research and conservation.

I took loads of photos, and a video of a very sad looking elephant – one might even say crazy, and I suspect it is. But I’m not an elephantologist, so I will have to reserve final judgement I guess. I couldn’t take a photo of the Orangutang because it looked so utterly distraught. Nor the turtles in the Reptile House because cameras weren’t allowed in there. But there were at least two (well, maybe only one!) happy little creatures in the zoo…


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