The Print Museum

Today I killed a bit of time by visiting the Franz Mayer museum, one of my favourite museums in Mexico City. Nay, in the world! Wednesday’s are free entry. Or at least they were. I discovered that they’ve done away with free entry, and I didn’t have the whopping 45 pesos needed to get in! I really must get myself the membership card! But if ever you are in the city it’s a great place to go spend an hour or three.

So I went next door to the stamp museum, which costs just 10 pesos, and once you’ve paid you are thanked profusely for visiting by the lady at the desk. It is a very small museum and I’m guessing they don’t get many visitors! You can’t kill an awful lot of time, but actually it is worth the dinero, if just to see a few bits and bobs by Tamayo and Siqueiros.


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