Another Turtle Emergency

I dunno how many posts I’ve had entitled Turtle Emergency, but there have been a few. Usually, it’s for dramatic effect! The last emergency was poor Mr Patel who needed veterinary assistance for a sharp bit of shell that was cutting his neck. Then shortly afterwards, just as he was healing, Angus tried to eat him.

This time it’s poor Floracita. She is the littlest and youngest of our eight turtles. We took her in after she was rescued  in April from some uncaring owners, and nursed her back to health. But she is still very little and susceptible to illness, and she has developed one of the most common conditions of young turts – a respiratory infection.

She is very, very sick and hasn’t eaten for a couple of weeks I think. She won’t go in the water, and is ‘yawning’ – struggling for breath. I’ve been giving her anti biotic drops and moved her inside into the aquarium with the water heater turned on high. But alas, she isn’t responding.

So tomorrow we will be making the journey of last resort, to the vets, for an anti biotic injection. It’s a last resort because jabs can kill little critters when they are so weak. Bob got a respiratory infection when he was little too, and I just hope that Florry responds in the same way as Bob did when he received his jab – by viciously attacking the vet! Crossed fingers….


One thought on “Another Turtle Emergency

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