La Ciclopista

I really need to get fit before I attempt to climb Ixtaccihuatl, so I am lining up a health regime in advance! Hopefully some time in September of October I’ll go up the Nevado de Toluca, Mexico’s fourth highest mountain. But I’ve also now discovered a very cool Ciclopista. It goes all the way from Chapultepec in Mexico DF to Cuernavaca, some 69 miles away. Over some pretty tall moutains!

It used to be a railway, but has now been turned into a paved cycle route. A fantastic idea – why had I never heard of it before? I think it’s quite new, a product of Lopez Obrador’s public spirited policies. Boy does that guy like laying down concrete – another of his policies was to build a ton of overpasses, including one a few metres from my home, and another giant one a little further down the road. Curse them both, they’ve had my water supply going off and on randomly for the last year and a half!

I’ve been digging for inforomation on this route and have found a couple of websites with bicycle related stuff (here, here and here) and a map that gives some idea as to how far the route goes. And some pictures of it being constructed, along with some scenery, which I’ve posted below!



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