BB in Vegas

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, which is probably a good thing. I got married in Milwaukee last week, and if I couldn’t leave my laptop alone for at least a couple weeks, then that wouldn’t be a good omen for the future! I’m now in Las Vegas on honeymoon with a new laptop, much to write about and a wireless internet connection, so I’m catching up on my online life a little, though it’ll be a while before I get all my photos and stories up. But one story that can’t wait – I met famous stars in Vegas tonight! Ok, you’d have to be following Big Brother in the UK to recognise them as being famous, but still.

Luke and Bex got evicted a couple of weeks ago and have been sent here on holiday to be filmed. I bumped into them outside the Planet Hollywood hotel – twice actually, although I didn’t harass them first time round! But later on when our paths crossed again, I asked for a photo. They seemed surprised I had recognised them, and filmed me….I’m gonna be on TV! Woohoo! Well, maybe. We’ll have to wait and see….


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