A Surreal End

My three week holiday is finally over, and I have returned home to Mexico City to resume normal life. Not that all my luggage has returned with me, mind you. The return trip was a good deal longer than planned. We missed our flight from Las Vegas to LA for our Mexico City connection because United Airlines, put in the politest way possible, suck. Their check in desks were packed and chaotic, beyond anything normally acceptable, and their staff just a waste of space. Having been told to queue in the wrong line for a good half hour, they hurried us through the correct queue at a very leisurely pace, before directing us to go through a special security screening.

The next flight was full, so we ended up sitting at the airport for over 6 hours before finally getting on a flight to LA, where we had long ago missed the one United plane going to Mexico City that day. They did manage to get us on a Mexicana flight at 11pm which left us with 6 hours to kill. It would have been nearer 8 hours to kill but we had to queue for another 6 hours – there were a lot of United passengers in the same boat as us!

So off we went on a bus to Santa Monica for a fish and chips dinner on the pier, made so famous in so many movies. Although I have to say Santa Monica, although it has its charms, is a bit of a dump.

I will be back to normal blogging again now, and will be uploading loads of photos to Flickr as I get them processed….there are quite a few for me to work on! I guess I’ll have to put extra effort into making the wedding photos look good too!


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