Can’t Take No For An Answer

I am having to go to a new panaderia for my bread and cakes now, because the one round the corner is just too much trouble! Why? Because the chap who runs it wants me to teach him English. It’s not that I’ve got anything against him – I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice chap. Thing is, he doesn’t want to pay my going rate, and he doesn’t seem to realise that half the neighbourhood have also asked me to teach them English….at the ‘locals and neighbours discount rate’. The discount rate being selected by them (after asking politely how much I charge, and then ignoring that number completely) and being roughly a fifth of what I really charge.

If I took on just half the number of family members and neighbours who asked, I’d fill my whole schedule, which would leave me in a pretty dire financial position! Most of them accept my politely worded suggestion that they’d be better off at the local Washington School, but there are always one or two….and Senor Panaderia has been asking for three years now. His offer is the funniest though – he will bring free bread and cakes with him to the lesson in lieu of currency. Erm…gee, thanks! But no thanks….get the message dude!


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