Free Beer Tour!

So what’s up in Milwaukee? Obviously I go there because that’s where my girlfriend’s wife’s (that’s gonna take some getting used to!) mum lives. It’s not exactly the most famous of America’s cities, but it does have more than it’s simple charms going for it. It’s known as the Dairy State for, logically enough, it’s top notch dairy produce. Oldies amongst you  might also remember the long running hit sitcom Happy Days, which was based there. And the legendary Harley Davidson motorbike company ais a Milwaukee born and bred brand.

Funnily enough, even though Harley Davidson has been around for more than 100 years, they’ve only just gotten around to opening a proper museum, no more than a couple of months back. As a bit of a biker myself (okay, mostly scooters, but who would want to take a H-D round England’s little winding lanes?!) that was a ‘must’ when arranging things to do. It’s a fantastic museum, and all my photos from that day are here on Flickr.

But that’s not the reason for my post! There’s one other famous American institution that hails from Milwaukee. Miller Beer. And what’s more they have possibly the best tour going in the whole state – it ends with three free beers! The tour is reasonably interesting without being rivetting, but the general area and architecture are pretty cool and make a visit worthwhile. And the beers in their very pleasant beer garden tops it all off very nicely! The photo below, incidentally, is I think my best photo from the whole trip.


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