Viva Las Vegas!

I’m now onto the Las Vegas photos, having finished and uploaded all the Milwaukee/Chicago/Wedding snaps. The first of the Las Vegas shots are aerial shots of the red earth, ridges and canyons from the window of my plane having flown past the Rockies. They actually came out rather well, I think.

But before the Las Vegas photos, I have a video to share. It was taken from the window of our room in the Paris hotel which afforded us a fabulous view of the Bellagio hotel. This hotel is particularly famed for three things. It was the scene of the movie Ocean’s Eleven. It has the world’s most incredible eat as much as you can buffet breakfast and lunch for $20 a head, which we indulged in twice.

And finally it has the most incredible water show every 30 minutes (every 15 minutes in the evening) in the massive pond outside its front door. It blasts water jets to various songs, acting as the visualizer you probably have on your digital car stereo. I filmed this one which was played to Elvis Presley’s Viva Las Vegas. Because I shot through a window I had to relay a recorded soundtrack over it, which was a shame. The sound of the water jets thundering out their spray is pretty impressive.

Still, there are a lot of much better videos that people have taken of the water show which you can see appear in the bottom of the YouTube player at the end of vid.


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