Happy Turtles

Last month, just before leaving for the US, I posted about the plight of poor little Floracita, who had gotten a respiratory infection. The day after the post we did indeed make the long journey to the specialist Herp vet, which would have been quite exciting for her if she hadn’t been so ill. Microbuses, Metros and Metrobuses…not even Bob has been on all those.

She was so ill that she ended up staying at the vet’s for 3 days, for daily injections and a feeding tube to be put in her little tummy. Very traumatic I’m sure, and although she still wasn’t too good when she was collected, she soon picked up. Bloody good thing too…the treatment cost me a thousand pesos! That be $100 in American money.

She’s now in with all the turtles in a brand spanking new pool, which is at least three times the size of their old one. As you can see from the photo below, Bob has been protecting her. They were all very happy to see me when I collected them from the pet shop they’d been staying at – not least because lots of people had apparently been trying to buy them! The lay had had to put up a ‘We Are Not For Sale’ sign on their tanks in the end!


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