Stomp Out Loud

There are quite a few reasons to go to Las Vegas. Gambling is the obvious one. A stop en route to the Grand Canyon another. But don’t forget there are shows all over town too! We hit several in our week there, but by far the best was Stomp Out Loud. It’s hard to describe….it’s just a group of dancer/musicians thumping out beats with kitchen sinks, brooms, dustbins, pipes and virtually every sort of piece of scrap metal you could think of. There’s a bit of comedy thrown in too!

The best thing was, our tickets were free! Sort of. There are a lot of hotels being built in Vegas and a lot of people trying to sell timeshares – go to one of their ‘no obligation’ presentations and you’ll get a gift. Ours were the tickets. It was no obligation but there definitely was a lot of hard-sell! Pretending to stay interested for the full two hours was not easy! Our presentation was for, admittedly wonderful looking, one or two bedroom suites in the new Planet Hollywood Towers.

One of the nicest things about these Vegas shows though, is that the cast comes out into the foyer for photos afterwards. I got a few good shots of Paola, Elizabeth and the chaps and chappettes.

We also went to see Dirty Hypnosis which was ok. the Ooh La La topless revue was rubbish however! But on the final night me and Pao went to see a variety show, with jugglers, gymnasts, magicians and comedians and I have to say it was brilliant. And cheap too. Except for the free Stomp tickets, we got all our other tickets from one of the half priced ticket booths. Bargain!



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