Goodbye Little Green Friend

On Sunday I jumped on my bike for the weekly Ciclothon, and Paola and her new bike too, of course. It was the most common route, from the Zocalo to Chapultepec Park, which is a very pleasant route, if a little bit familiar by now.

But we did have one little extra event on the route. There usually is I suppose – it’s why I like to go! There was a small set up outside the park by the tourist office of Mexico, the main attraction of which was a shiny green VW Beetle Taxi. Apparently, next year all Beetle taxis are going to be scrapped, because of the huge amounts of pollution they spew out. It’s an icon of Mexico City, but the little bug has come to the end of the line!

The Beetle they had displayed was, just a couple of weeks ago, in everyday use as a taxi. Now it has been polished up ready for a tour of Europe, starting at the Paris Motor Show I believe. It’s going to be an ambassador for Mexico. But not before a mariachi band sang a few goodbye songs!


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