On Being A Sesquipedalian

There’s nothing more enjoyable than to defenestrate an omphaloskepsis poodle-faker, unless per chance I have to opportunity to partake in a little mallelaroking or even a spot of spanghewing, which is a word if I am allowed a little leeway in the concept of ideation. Admittedly, this may make me something of a scrimshanker, but I have a good sized zareba to hide behind if need be.

There is the risk of being outed by the local quid-bloody-nunc (that’s an example of tmesis for those who didn’t know) who has nothing better to do in life than scratch his ischial callosities, but then he’s well known for his cryptomnesia anyway. His brain has always been a bit of an urt from the bog of eternal stench. I just hope our neighbour, who is a bit of a termagant doesn’t get involved though, what with that big stick she carries under her oxter!

What on earth am I talking about? I’m just having fun with a few words suggested by readers of the BBCi website. They published a total of 50 strange and unusual words they like, and I thought I’d see how many of them I could use before getting bored.

Being a bit of a sesquipedalian sometimes I managed about 15. Actually this exercise served a double purpose, although I hadn’t thought of it before. Whilst the words had explanations given, I had no idea whether they were nouns, adjectives, verbs etc, nor how to use them correctly. This is what my students face every day. I can now empathise with them a little more!



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