It’s The Content, Stupid!

A little post in defense of Blogger! There are plenty of blogging platforms to choose from, but Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular. But Blogger sometimes gets a bad press, which I personally think is undeserved. For one simple reason. Bloggers sometimes forget what blogging is really about – their content. Not fancy designs and a million widgets. Though it is nice to have a blog with a unique look and a few handy widgets, they are not key parts of blogging.

I choose to continue posting through Blogger because it is easily customisable, it’s free and it’s built on a flexible platform. WordPress limits users to a few themes and allows only the header image to be personalised. Unless you pay out, either for extras within the WordPress hosted deal, or by paying for hosting to install your own WordPress blog on. But then you’re paying….and I don’t undersatnd the concept of paying for something that is free on other platforms! Unless you pay for hosting already, in which case, that’s cool!

But if we’re sticking with the concept of free, Blogger has another trick up its sleeve. It allows Javascript apps, which no other (to my knowledge) free platform permits. That means I can implement the Disqus commenting solution, which in my opinion is the best commenting system for blogs currently available. I’ve also added Yahoo’s Upcoming widget, Ligit’s search widget, a Communities widget and changed my Archive section into a smaller more convenient calendar.

For me, that’s the ‘Killer App’ for Blogger. I can do everything I need to, for free. I do understand why Blogger sometimes gets a bad rep. Some ‘customised’ themes are just nasty, the standard commenting system is frankly pants and there are too many cheap and nasty widgets that are scarring too many blogs. Not good advertising! But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Blogger, when used with a little more restraint is a great platform.

And lastly, it’s worth pointing out that more and more people are using Feed Readers to keep up with blogs. So why pay money for a blog when many of your readers are going to see exactly the same thing regardless of the platform you’re using – your content! If you’re reading this through a feed reader, then I’ve posted an image just for you of what my blog looks like these days…! I do these days prefer a clean and simple look.


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