Then There Were Ten…

Ten, as in turtles. Meet Itchy and Scrathy…well, I just got Itchy in the photo. You might remember them from a blog post I did at the beginning of the year entitled Turtle Sitting…I looked after them for a few days.

But now, due to matrimonial disruptions, they have had to seek new lodgings. Their first option was my pool….how could I say no? So now there are ten green turtles…it’s beginning to sound like a children’s nursery rhyme.

The exciting thing, at least for the eight lady turtles I already had, is that one of them is a boy! But I guess it’s going to be a few years before they are old enough to appreciate that! How can you tell whether a turtle is a boy or girl? It’s virtually impossible when they are tiny, but as they get older, males grow much longer claws and have a fatter bigger tail. It eventually becomes quite obvious.


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