Duran Duran

Duran Duran are not only (or were not only…) Princess Diana’s favourite band, but are Paola’s favourite band too. And they are coming to Mexico City on November 28th! Yay!

Actually this is not going to be a pro Duran Duran post. This is very much a big boo and a fat raspberry to Duran Duran, Ticketmaster and Foro Sol, where their concert will be held. Paola really, really wanted to go. Big time. The last time they came here, 2004, she was visiting me in the UK. So this was her chance. And we could have bought tickets. But didn’t. Why?

The tickets went on sale on the 15th of October, but for the first two days to Banamex card holders only. No problem, I’m a Banamex card holder! So I logged in and went to try and buy four tickets. All I need to know is how much and which seats we’ll be getting.

Turned out that on the 15th and 16th all tickets were an outrageous $650 each! Plus an extra $118 each for the Convenience Charge. Plus a $28 charge for the privelege of being able to print out the tickets on my own printer…bargain!

But the price really wasn’t the biggest, biggest issue. Where we were sitting was the key. If they are front row seats, then that’s cool! But unlike every other event there which has an diagram and seat guide to tell you where you’re sitting, there was nothing for the Duran Duran concert. Even looking at the set up for other events was of no help.

We weren’t going to pay all that and not know what sort of seats we’re getting. So we waited till today for the tickets to go on general sale to buy cheaper tickets, where we wouldn’t be so worried about the location. The price range today? Just one. Still $650. But obviously all the best tickets had already been sold over the last couple of days.

There was absolutely sod all advance info on what the prices for the event would be, or what sort of seats would be up for grabs. So we choose to give it a miss. I hope there are a few empty seats, so I have the satisfaction of knowing their laziness and lack of information has cost them at least the four tickets I would have bought.


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