Nevado De Toluca

It was my birthday yesterday, and I spent it in unusual fashion – climbing a mountain! The Nevado de Toluca to be exact, all in preparation for my climb up Izta. It has to be said, the Nevado is a pretty big mountain in itself at 4690 metres tall. That’s just 600 metres shorter than Izta, and for comparison is only a little more than 100 metres shorter than Europes tallest mountain, Mont Blanc. As for Ben Nevis, that little 1,300 metre mound of mud that Brits call a mountain…! I’ve already written a brief account on my La Mujer Dormida blog…

There were six of us in all, and only four of us finally made it to the summit. Paola and one of the others (who may well change his mind about Izta!) stopped just 50 to 75 metres short of the summit, exhausted. It seems a shame that they got so close, but to be honest that final bit has the toughest climbing of all.

I’ve yet to process and upload all the photos of the day, but I’ll get around to that. I’ve also got plenty more to write about the climb, but again that’ll have to wait for now. But I do have a nice photo to put with this post, of me and Paola at the Moon Lake crater, just after the mist temporarily broke, and just before the real climbing began…



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