Mexile 365

I have another new blog. Yes, I know…another! What’s this one about? It’s just a photoblog. A photo each and every day, following in the theme of the 365 Photos groups on Flickr and elsewhere. Really it’s just for me. Shots of my everyday life that I can look back on like a diary. From the blog itself…

The object of a 365 photography project is simple – to take a photo everyday for a whole year. It’s a popular concept that has spawned groups on Flickr and elsewhere, and is something I tried before. The only question was when to start the project.

There are a few obvious days. January 1st is a good one. Any day can be a good day to start if you’re motivated. But I’m starting on October 19th. My birthday.

So this photo blog will chart a whole year of my life, my 37th year on planet Earth, with an image of every day. I may not always get to upload on a daily basis, but the photos will always be taken daily. I wouldn’t cheat!

What sort of photos? Good ones, bad ones, interesting ones, run of the mill ones. A little of everything. It’s just life.



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