Top Ten Free Software

The one thing I have in common with every single person who reads this post? A computer! We all use our computers for different purposes and in different ways, and often have a few programs, tips or websites that would be useful to others. So I thought I’d share mine. Once a week. Until I run out of things to share. This week, the free software I use. Totally free. And what’s more…legally free!Or that at least has a free trial! So, in no particular order…

1. Snag It. for screenshots. I’ve tried a few different solutions for screenshots, including Firefox plug ins, but none come close to Snag It. It’s brilliant. It’ll even take a screenshot of a frame in a video, which isn’t easy. Resize your image, add effects, all sorts. It’s a fantastic tool for bloggers.

A screenshot of uTorrent by Snag IT

2. Last FM. For your musical requirements. Free, and you get a good social profile to play with too.

3. FileZilla. For FTPing files to webhosts, or to your Xbox, which is what I use it for.

4. Skype. There are lots of internet telephony solutions, but I like Skype the best. Just for the quality of the calls and user friendliness.

5. uTorrent. Okay, you wouldn’t probably use it to get legally free software, movies and music, but the program itself is free!

6. Microsoft ICE. It’s a program that’ll stitch multiple photos together to create panoramas. It does a fantastic job of it.

7. Opera. A web browser. In my opinion, unless there are extensions you use in Firefox that aren’t available as bookmarklets for Opera (and a lot are) then this is the best browser you can get. It even has an excellent inbuilt mail and feeds client.

8. SopCast. For those occasions when a sports event isn’t being shown live in your country, but you just can’t miss it.

9. Daemon Tools Lite. Why burn CD’s when you can just mount the file on a virtual drive and install it that way? Exactly.

10. AVG Anti Virus. A free but fully functional anti virus that doesn’t screw with your system like Zone Alarm! Combats Spyware too.


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