Mexican Autumns

How to sum up the seasons of Mexico City. Well I guess there is rainy season, from April to November, followed by dry season from November back to April. You could call these Winter and Summer. I guess you also have Spring, thanks to the lavender blooms of the Jacaranda trees that cover the entire city in March, April and May.

But there really is no Autumn. Sure, the leaves gradually die and fall off the branches, but it’s such a slow process that by the time it’s complete the new leaves have already sprung. There’s no show of colour. No reds, golds, yellows, browns and all the in-betweens that you get in the UK.

Or so I thought. But I caught my first glimpse of an autumnal scene yesterday, in the little park by the Cinemark cinema near Tazquena. A blue sky, a few fluffy clouds and some green, brown and red leaves. My first Autumn since 2004! It could just as easily have been a scene from Hampshire or Dorset, where I used to live. By the way, I know the seasons shouldn’t be capitalised, but I just think they should…so I do.



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