Top Ten Firefox Add Ons

Opera, in my opinion, is the best ‘out of the box’ browser. But I don’t use it, preferring Firefox instead because of a few add-ons which make my online experience, better, easier or more complete. Which add-ons in particular? Here, in no particular order is my Top Ten…

1. All-in-One Gestures – open pages, go back or forward a page and lots more just with a simple movement of the mouse.

2. Better GReader – I use Google Reader a lot, so the few extra features this add-on gives me is pretty useful.

3. Customize Google – get rid of the ads and improve your search results.

4. Delicious Bookmarks – it’s a shame Yahoo haven’t really taken Delicious on a bit more, but they are still the best integrated bookmarking solution imho.

5. Download Statusbar – simple add on that puts your downloads into the bottom bar, nice and disceet like. Instead of opening a pop up.

6. Fast Dial – uber cool idea, stolen from Opera, which brings up a whole load of customizable thumbnails when you open a new page, so you can get to your favourite sites quicker.

7. Read It Later – A nifty and hugely customizable tool that I use to complement my Delicious bookmarking system. This is for ‘temporary’ bookmarks, for sites I haven’t time to read now, or want to come back to later, but won’t be permanent addidtions to my bookmarks.

8. Searchstatus – because I’m a geek and want to know what the Google Page Rank of a website is, instantly!

9. TinyUrl Creator – turn a long address into a short one through the right click menu. Easy and useful more often than I though it would be.

10.MacOSX Theme – one theme to add to the list. It’s clean, attractive and sizes the tabs and Delicious perfectly.

A view of my browser in action.


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