Credit Crunched

Having merrily posted a few times about how I’ve been feeling very isolated from the credit crunch, I’m now wishing I’s shut up. Tempting fate and all that. Because last Friday one of the companies I work at (not for – they are all private students I have there) called a meeting for all employees and gave them the bad news. Cut backs. Closures. Redundancies. And in a very big way.

At the moment they have four areas there, two production, quality assurance and packaging. Both production areas are going. Quality assurance is being scaled back, and only packaging survives. In fact packaging is going to be expanded, but I’m guessing I’m not going to get many students from there, with it being unskilled minimum wage work.

Half of my earnings come from here, but there isn’t need for me to panic just yet. Firstly, no one will be made redundant till 2010, so there’s plenty of warning. Although those who are on the list will be told at the end of the week, and I dare say they will be looking for new employment asap. Secondly, I have no students in the production area, so that’s a relief. For me anyway. Thirdly, some quality assurance staff will be kept on, so I just have to hope that the ones who are selected to stay are the ones who take classes with me!

Really it’s no big blow for me, as things appear at the moment anyway. But you have to feel for everyone there who is going to be out of a job. It’s a good company to work for, and it’s not a good time to be looking for a new job.

I like the term ‘credit crunched’ though. A new phrasal verb to teach my students. While I still have them!


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