Top Ten Blogger Tools

Bloggers always seem to be looking for something snazzy and new to put on their blogs, or new tools to make blogging easier, more efficient or more informative. Here are ten of my favourite blogging tools…

1. Disqus – a comments system designed to integrate with a blog, replacing the standard comments feature. Particularly good for Blogger blogs, but they also work with self hosted WordPress blogs, Tumblr and others. The main selling points? Threaded comments, forum style. Easy to track comments made across different posts or even blogs. Reply to a comment through email. Nice interface. Video comments

2. Lijit – a search widget, powered by Google but with a few extra toys, including some interesting stats tools. It looks nice, works well and adds value in my opinion.

3. MyBlogLog – the Swiss Army knife of blogging tools. Get your stats, join a community, get an email signature, recent visitors widget and communities widget all in one place. It’s a shame they charge $3 a month for each blog for the pro account. If it was $3 a month for all my blogs I’d pay it. But the free account they offer suffices.

4. ScribeFire – it’s a Firefox add on, but I left it out of last weeks list, because it really belongs here. A great way to publish posts across multiple blogs from within a browser.

5. Windows Live Writer – whilst ScribeFire is good, it’s not the most powerful blog publishing tool out there. This is one of Microsoft’s success stories (and they did need one!) and is feature packed with the ability to add on extensions.

6. DivShare – a host for all your files, be they photos, videos, documents or whatever. Easily the most flexible host on offer, with 5gb free storage space. For even heavy bloggers that’s enough to last a century or so!

7. Kontactr – enables you to place a simple button on your blog through which you can receive form email. Works perfectly.

8. Tumblr – this is actually a blogging platform, but it’s a masterpiece in ease of use, simplicity and flexibility. If you’re thinking of getting into blogging and are weighing up the pros and cons of the different platforms, this is definitely one to look at.

9. dafont – most people take the design of their blog very seriously. Images and colour are all fine and well, but a unique font used for the title stands out so much more. This site has millions to choose from.

10. Friendfeed – a growing enterprise which brings all over your communities together. I guess calling this a blogging tool is tenuous, but it does brings your blogs, tools and communities together in a nice package, with a handy widget that you can put on your blog.

I know. No Share This or bookmarking tool to put on your blog. I really don’t think these have much value. Most people who would use it already have a means of doing so built into their browser.


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