Turtle Crisis

My dear turtle Bob, you’ll be pleased to hear, has made a full recovery from his respiratory infection. Unfortunately, before we had time to isolate him from the others, he passed on his bug. Homer is now very sick and off to the vets, and we are pretty sure Rosita, Scratchy and either Mr Patel or Angel (they are hard to tell apart without picking them up!) have it too.

We’re in for a hefty vet’s bill. At 20 pesos a jab plus 3 pesos per syringe, that could come to more than 400 pesos by the time they’ve all completed their treatment. One thing is for sure…we have too many turtles. It’s time to find new homes for some of them.

Itchy, Scratchy and Rosita are the obvious ones to rehouse….we only adopted them to save them. We didn’t really want more turtles by that stage! We adopted Floracita too, but she’s had too hard a life, and we’ve spent too much money on her, to let her go!

Angus is the one turtle we bought who we’d like to find a new home for. Simply because he’s so big now, he could do with finding a pond to retire in! And also because he’s always very grumpy and keeps trying to eat Floracita. She’s not silly though. She clings on to Bob permanently, knowing Angus won’t try anything around the King of the Pond!

So anyway…..anyone want a turtle?!?!

Baby and Floracita in the sun.

Update: the vet says Homer just has a cold and doesn’t need a jab! Woohoo!


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