The Last Post

I’m getting towards the end of my postings on my La Mujer Dormida blog seeing as I have now done the climb. I’ve got a few more things to post, about equipment and second attempts, and I’ll try and do a few more paid adverts to raise some extra dinero for my nominated charity. But come the end of November I’ll put it to bed, left on Google’s servers for posterity!

I guess I would do another post should I climb the mountain again, with the intention of making it all the way to the very peak. But otherwise I’ll leave it alone. And this is probably the last post I will do on the subject on this blog. Although I should mention that it’s not too late to head on over there to make a last minute donation to the cause! I’m on $155 so far, but it’d be nice to get to $200.

So for my last post here, I thought I’d post a photo of the gang of us that went on the trip. From left to right – me, Enrique, Adrian, Victor, Hilarion (the guide) and Angel.



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