Top Ten Bloggers

Another in my series of Top Tens, and this time the most important category of them all – the bloggers themselves. What, for me, makes a good blog? If I had to sum it up, it would be someone who writes interesting posts about their life and their interactions with their country or community.

But I must confess I lose interest when a blog is dedicated to solely one or the other. Because actually I’m not that interested in the daily goings on of strangers lives. What parties they’ve been to. What clothing they’ve bought this week. Who’s been round for a cup of tea. Nor am I that interested if a blog is solely about the country they are in. There are probably better places for me to find out that sort of info.

What I really enjoy is reading about a person and their little discoveries, their trips, their town and how it relates to them. I’m not advocating that any other sort of blog is crap, by the way, because there are so many reasons for blogging and not all of them will appeal to all people.

I have a couple of dozen blogs in Google Reader, which does change – I add and delete occasionally – and I can get some basic info on what I’m reading. But it doesn’t really serve up enough info to base a Top Ten on. Some people blog prolifically, whilst others have fewer but more interesting (to me!) content. I guess if I could see how many comments I’ve made to which blogs then that is a stat I could use. But I can’t.

So I used a far more unscientific method to determine my Top Ten bloggers. I’ve just looked through and thought, if I could keep only ten blogs, which would they be? The result is in my sidebar. It’s not that I’m not going to read the other blogs anymore – I will! And I’ll adjust my Blog Roll monthly to reflect the changes in my reading habit. But the ten that are there now are my favourites for this month!


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