All Good Things

It’s been a busy week, ending with a bit of a blow. for the last year I’ve had a couple of blogs which I’ve kept up for doing paid adverts. What’s that mean exactly? Well I registered the blogs with a couple of websites that do this sort of thing, one of which is particularly good. Once I’ve done that I can go through the list of advertisers who want bloggers to write a post about their service and product.

The advertisers specify the attributes of the blogs they want their adverts on. Chiefly by country of blogger and by Google Page Rank. If you meet their requirements you can go write an ad on your blog about their product. How much effort for how much pay? Usually you’re asked to write between 100 and 200 words. There are quite a few 50 word opportunities, and a handful of 300 word opps, which I usually try and avoid.

Pay depends largely on your Page Rank. I was picking up a few USD$100 plus ads, but mostly between $20 to $35 and taking up to $1,500 a month in total. Lately I’ve been restricted to Page Rank 4 ads which bring in anything from $5 to $20. That equates to about $400 to $500 a month.

Are there downsides to putting these ads on your blogs? Yep. Really screws your blog! Not only with the ads themselves, but the fact that you have to have a real blog post between each paid blog post. If you’re doing the maximum of three paid posts a day, you’ll soon find it difficult to think of quality material that is relevant to your blog to post about. Inevitably you start writing shit.

That’s why quite a lot of bloggers turn their noses up a little when it comes to paid posts. And why a lot of free hosted blogging platforms don’t allow it. Which is why the week has ended with a bit of a blow! The main blog I’ve been doing posts on has been rumbled by the moderators! I’ve got till Monday to remove the ads, or face being banned! Oh well….it was good while it lasted.

And truth be told I have a few other blogs I’m doing purely for paid posts brewing….as soon as they have a decent page rank I’ll be back blogging about cheap (aka fake!) Viagra tablets, counterfeit Rolex watches, vaginal rejuvenation surgery, surfboards and lots of other dodgy companies!

Till then I’ll enjoy a break from the constant blogging that I’ve been doing the last year. Not that I’m grumbing…it’s earned me near enough USD$10,000. Which was nice, to say the least! I’ll have to find something else to spend my time doing on the net – I’ve quite gotten into StumbleUpon actually. I’ve found a whole load of cool stuff over the last few days, and have even added a StumbleUpon button to my bog posts, so feel free to give my posts the thumbs up!



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