Student of the Year 2008

There are always a few things you miss from home when you go off to live in a foreign land. For me it’s Jaffa Cakes, hot sausage rolls and real extra mature cheddar cheese. Well it so happens that I’ve found that I can get the last one. About 6 months ago one of my students told me he knew a place where you could get some made. By special order. And so he ordered some. And today, six months later it finally arrived, ready for my inspection!

And it passed, with flying colours! A real, smelly, extra, extra mature cheddar cheese. With a wax rind. I was so impressed! And for that, Carlos wins my highly coveted Student Of The Year Award 2008! I know, awards should be related to academic achievement or something, but still….

If you need some proper cheese in Mexico City, here is the address of the place to go: Cevca de la Esquina de Av Coyoacan y Romero de Terreros, la tienda se llama Capriccio, esta enfrente del mercado de la del Valle.


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