Sociable Me!

By ‘sociable’, I mean I’ve been exploring the web a lot today. And played a little with the things I’ve found. First thing of note was the new Windows Live Profile page. It’s kind of a new Facebooky, MyBlogLoggy type thing that doesn’t do as much as either of them. But, although there are a few things I don’t like or think could be better, it gets an overall thumbs up.

Microsoft gets a hard time, most of the time. But it’s knocking out some pretty good products lately, and the Windows Live package seems to be improving daily. The killer point for me though is the free 25gb of space they give you for files, photos, documents and whatnot. Obviously I use Flickr for my photos proper, but the images I post on my blog I host elsewhere.

I used to use DivShare, and to be honest it’s the best featured host out there in my opinion, with 5gbs free. But when it had a few reliability issues a year or so back I switched to PhotoBucket. Which has a great system for sharing and posting the images, but it has it’s limitations, including a paltry 1gb of free space. Windows Live has a more limited service but it looks so clean, is so user friendly and has that whopping 25gb of space….the image below is hosted there. If there are no problems, that’s probably where I’ll stay.

I’ve also signed up for and created a profile on Visiting Mexico which is an interesting looking place. Might be worth checking out, providing you speak Spanish. I have to say I’m not sure what I’m really going to get out of it yet, but I’ll see how it goes.

Lastly, I added a new(ish) Blogger Widget to my blog. What’s it do? I think it’s basically the Blogger version of the new Google Friend Connect project, and gives you the option of following blogs. I’ve added all the blogs I follow in Google Reader, so feel free to add me back! It’s simple enough to do. Just click on the Follow This Blog link in the gadget I’ve installed on my sidebar.

Or if you want to add multiple blogs, go to the Blogger Dashboard, scroll down to the Reader List, click Add and you can work it out from there! What’s the point? I get some faces to fill out the shiny new gadget! Other than that, I guess it’s only useful if you want to keep track of Blogger blogs but haven’t worked out how to use a feed reader yet!


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