The Death Penalty

Capital punishment was only officially abolished in Mexico in 2005, but that was more of a formality as it had effectively been off limits for decades. But, as in many countries where crime has soared, public opinion seems to want a return of the death penalty. And the governor of a northern state has gone so far as to table a proposal to make it happen. Although it has to be said, there is nexxt to no chance of it happening.

Anger and frustration over rampant killings and kidnappings have ignited an improbable debate here over legalizing the death penalty, a punishment that has been effectively banned in Mexico for nearly half a century.

Lawmakers agreed Thursday to hear arguments next week on a proposal to amend the Mexican Constitution to allow for capital punishment in a narrow number of cases….

The initiative from Humberto Moreira, governor of the northern border state of Coahuila, would allow the death penalty for convicted kidnappers who killed or mutilated their victims. He said as far as the people of his state were concerned, the only issue was how to execute convicts, not whether to do so….

Reinstatement of the death penalty is unlikely for legal and political reasons. The last execution in Mexico was in 1961, coincidentally in Coahuila, the state where the current initiative originated. Capital punishment remained on the books, primarily within the military judicial system, but was unused and abolished in 2005.

Source – LA Times

Personally, I am against the death penalty, for a whole range of reasons. The death penalty solves nothing, deters nobody and has the nasty side effect of screwing up justice in a pretty permanent way. In my opinion, of course! And I’m guessing that a majority of Americans and Europeans living in Mexico or in other foreign countries are likely to vote ‘No’ in my poll in the sidebar to your right. But I could be wrong. So feel free to vote and tell me so.


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